Web & IT Systems and Devices

All these tools and systems – let’s make it simpler!

Getting all your devices working together can be a pain for small organizations. With my help, your devices and systems will sync and work together, and you can be confident that you can use the great tools available today.


I’m one of those millennials that has grown up with technology. Learning, using, and teaching others how to effectively use online and digital tools is a huge part of my life. I troubleshoot, hack, and mod Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. 

Whether you need your iPhone screen replaced, your PC de-bugged, or business services, I’ve got you covered:

  • PC and laptop upgrades
  • Desktop and mobile troubleshooting
  • Mobile device repair
  • Cross-platform syncing
  • Home and small business networking

Send me an email at jordan@JLWonline.com

I’m always interested in helping new clients.